Associate Professor (Meteorology), Dr.Sci.
Tetsuya Takemi
Environmental Turbulence Dynamics Group
Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Address : G5-7, 4259 Nagatsuta, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-8502, Japan
Office : Tokyo Tech Suzukakedai Campus, Building G5 Room 403
E-mail : takemi @ depe . titech . ac. jp
Phone : +81-45-924-5558
Fax : +81-45-924-5516
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What is going on?
Research Fields
Mesoscale meteorology
mesoscale dynamics, mesoscale convective systems, severe local storms
Microscale meteorology
large-eddy simulations of turbulent boundary layer
Environmental fluid dynamics
atmospheric transport and mixing, trans-boundary transport, Asian dust
Mesoscale meteorological model
subgrid-scale modeling, mesoscale simulations
Atmospheric convection
tropical convection (observation, data analysis, numerical modeling
Urban meteorology
heat island phenomena, sea/land breeze, precipitation