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International Student Exchange Program

Our laboratory actively sends our students to/accepts students from foreign universities every year. Short term student exchange programs within three months were carried out between our laboratory and those at universities in Germany, Italy, China, etc. There are two programs,
gShort Visit Program,h which sends students of our institute to foreign universities and gShort Stay Program,h which invites students from foreign universities. We received financial support for the both programs from JASSO. The programs encouraged active discussions and mutual understanding between the international students.

Short Stay Program of Foreign Students at Tamura Laboratory Academic Year 1912-1913
A PhD student from University of Hamburg, Germany:
Her focus was on large-eddy simulation of near-surface atmospheric flows in urban area and she studied such techniques as inflow turbulent generation technique, SGS modeling of turbulent flows, and formulation of stable boundary layer over city-type roughness.

A master
fs student from Politecnico di Milano, Italy:
He focused on LES of wind-resistant performance of tall buildings and he studied such techniques for the LES for the turbulent flows around low-rise buildings as parallel HPS using Open FOAM code, technique for generation of the inflow turbulence, and numerical modeling for a low-rise buildings.

PhD students from Tongji University, China:
One of the students was interested in aerodynamic characteristics of circular cylinder under various inflow conditions. He studied such techniques of the large eddy simulation of the turbulent flows around a circular cylinder as parallel HPC using Open FOAM code, SGS modeling of turbulent flows, and formation of grid system for a circular cylinder.
Another student
fs interest was in vortex-induced vibration of structure and control and he worked with our wind engineering research group to study vortex-induced oscillation of the 2D bluff body, stability analysis of vortex-induced oscillation, and large eddy simulation of turbulent flow around a brick deck. He also carried out a literature study on the turbulent structures in the bluff body wake.


Academic Year 1911-1912
A Master
fs student and a PhD student from Tongji University, China:
fs studentfs research was about simulating the phenomenon of oscillating inflow past a circular cylinder with CFD technique. Through the research that he conducted during the Short Stay Program, he became more interested and focused in CFD technique and its importance.

PhD student was interested in investigation for studying mechanism of the rain wind induced vibration (RWIV) of inclined cylinders with numerical method. During his stay in Japan, he improved his research skills for simulation of flow around cylinder with numerical method.

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